Friday, December 24, 2010

Только Локо! Только победа!// Only Loko! Only Victory!

So not too long ago, sometime early this month? We went to a hockey game in Yaroslavl, this game being my first hockey game ever, sadly since Midd has a hockey team. I don't think there's too much to write about the game but I want to put some pics up of the night. The two teams were Локомотив (Lokomotiv) the home team from Yaroslavl, Russia. And yes, like Locomotive! And Северсталь (Severstal') from Череповец (Cherepovets), Russia. I learned a few things this night, hockey games have cheerleaders (in Russia at least), in Russian when you're a fan of something the verb you use is 'to get sick'. So you would say I'm sick for this/that team, and fans are referred to as 'sick people', which I think is pretty funny. The game was pretty good with some good scores and our team ending up winning 8-2!! One of our players did lose one of his teeth and there was blood on the ice and all, kind of creepy for a first game.

Its so crazy that they skate so well, I've gone ice skating 1-2 times and its not really my thing since I never actually learned, but to be able to skate, and go after the puck definitely takes talent in my opinion! I ended up buying a Локомотив scarf with the city's and team's emblems. And I finally heard the Russian National Anthem which is very patriotic (Aren't all anthems patriotic?). So yeah, it was a pretty cool experience and the rest will be pics, I won't ramble on any longer!

PS- Только Локо! Только победа! (Tol'ko Loko! Tol'ko pobeda) is one of the "sick people's" chants for our team. Only Loko! Only Victory!

The sign says "We're all one team", so then why 
do they play against one another?
The really intense cheerleaders with synchronized
dance routines and frequent outfit changes.

Russian bears can do it all!

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