Friday, December 3, 2010

Back to Russia… Oh wait! 4 DAY WEEKEND!!!! Москва, Россия

So I was reluctant to leave Spain and in reality I didn’t want to face the cold I would return to. When I got to my town and got onto the bus my body was literally SHAKING as the weather was a shock switching between warm and cold cities, but now what I would give to have a 30-40 degree day.

What was really nice though was that after Fall Break; we only had three days of class and then a 4 day weekend thanks to the Day of Unity. So a girl from my group and I decided to head over to Moscow where she would meet up with a friend of hers I had meet earlier in Kazan, Russia. I decided why not, I’ll get to see Moscow which I hadn’t gotten to do since I got into the country; only seeing things in the city from afar. We ordered two beds at a hostel, bought our tickets for the train from Yaroslavl to Moscow and headed out Wednesday night giving us Thursday to go around Moscow since we would head out early Sunday back to Yaroslavl.
Bolshoi Theater
Despite the weather and some closed things due to the holiday (cough cough, Lenin’s tomb) Moscow was pretty fun. I meet some cool people and was able to see finally Red Square, the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral, ГУМ (which is a big mall), Tretyakovskaya Gallery, the outside of Bolshoi theater, and some cool metro stations. Moscow allowed me take in both American and Russian cuisines which I was thankful for. My favorite station in Moscow would have to be “Revolutionary Station” which has a dog which if you rub his nose you can make a wish but also the architecture and statues are pretty cool. Though since the stations are so deep underground it feels like you’re riding forever on the escalator and heading straight down to the center of the Earth.

St. Basil's Cathedral inside the Kremlin
And the sun made an appearance for about 10 minutes which really brightened up things for a bit, which thank you sun… I truly appreciated. I think this summer I’ll spend it somewhere under the sun absorbing all the rays I missed while being abroad. But after this trip means back to Yaroslavl and no breaks until after classes end in December so I’m glad I got to enjoy Moscow now and also got to speak some more English.

The Kremlin from the outside; St. Basil's nestled in between

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